Terrorism is and should not be acceptable at any level. What happened in Baghdad and Madinah munawwara should be an eye opener for all those with a Taliban apologist mindset.

The Muslim world is solely responsible for turning a blind eye to their home grown terrorists for almost 30-40 years now. These things don’t happen overnight. The kind of hatred that is inculcated in our curricula had to bear fruit (or in this case fire) one day.

It’s an extremely sad, yet thought provoking situation.

...,.. To mit jaao gay hindustan walo

Tumhari Daastan tak Bhi na ho gi dastanon mein

Here Hindustan needs to be replaced with all Muslim countries.

Other than Turkey and Iran, no Muslim country has any contributions in science worth mentioning. Even Turkey and Iran trail behind the western world.

If one reads the history of the world, only those nations have excelled and ruled who were ahead in the modern arts and sciences, whatever those were in each particular era.

What we are teaching to our youth in schools and these seminaries can only produce either mediocre humans like me, or or terrorists like the Talibaan. Not Einsteins.