WARSAW : French President Francois Hollande said Saturday he hoped that whatever the outcome of this year’s US presidential election, it would not undermine American ties with the European Union.

“Transatlantic links are very important... the US elections must not jeopardise these ties,” Hollande said at a NATO summit in Warsaw where leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the US-led alliance. “We need these ties for our peace and security,” the French president said.

In June, Hollande said that a win for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would “complicate relations between Europe and the United States”. “His slogans differ little from those of the far right in Europe and France,” he told the French financial daily Les Echos.

Trump upended the Republican political establishment by easily beating more establishment rivals with a mixture of barbed personal jabs and an ability to ride out the worst criticism. Trump is expected to face Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton in the November election.