Pakistan’s saint


In Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death who served humanity selflessly with commitment, devotion and humility, millions of Pakistanis have lost their hope and faith. He was like Quaid-e-Azam; amongst a rare breed of men who served millions and to whom millions owe gratitude. Edhi Sahab was a true Muslim who practiced his faith and love for humanity, without ever exploiting religion or propagating his services for self-promotion. 

People of Pakistan donated billions because they had faith and trust in his integrity, which unfortunately cannot be said for any other state or non-state institution. He provided services which the state could not, although welfare of most deprived was and is constitutional obligation of every government which has held power. The Edhi foundation operated the biggest privately funded ambulance service, orphanages, old age houses, air ambulance, hospitals etc serving destitute without any discrimination as to caste, creed, or race. 

If men like Edhi and Dr Adeeb Rizvi can successfully operate and manage hospitals offering free services to poor, so could the state, if only greed and corruption infected paid and elected public office holders had half the character, sense of honour, integrity and devotion that these two Pakistanis have. 

RIP Maulana Saheb. I am sure his wife and children will carry on the legacy of the Edhi Foundation. 


Lahore, July 9. 


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