“Do not kill, put the (baby) in the cradle.”

–Urdu translation of the text written above each cot in the ‘jhoola’ project by the Edhi Foundation.

The Edhi Foundation is well known for its philanthropic efforts, but perhaps one of the most understated achievements is the adoption of unwanted children, that would previously have just lost their lives if the ‘jhoola project’ had not been initiated by Abdul Sattar and Bilquis Edhi. Pakistan’s adoption system is nowhere close to being perfect, but the jhoola project fills a very necessary void, where children that were previously thrown in the trash now have a caring home to go to. The stringent regulations imposed on prospective parents notwithstanding, Bilquis Edhi has been quoted time and against as saying that the demand for these children far outweighed the supply, which in itself is an amazing achievement.