Islamabad - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is all set to launch its newly reformed and revived central media department before starting a protest movement against the federal government over Panama Leaks issue.

The revival and restructuring of PTI’s central media department is under way during the past some weeks as new appointments have been made in it and the party leadership is preparing them for its formal launching before the start of a protest movement in a bid to mobilise the masses to the maximum.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan in the second week of June had said that his party would take to the streets after the fasting month of Ramazan for accountability of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his offshore wealth as revealed by Panama papers.

Background interviews with the some key PTI leaders indicate that PTI is going to become the first political party of the country after Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) to have an organised media department with sophisticated equipment and vast resources to disseminate party’s message at all levels.

Inftikhar Durrani, the incumbent head of PTI’s media department explains that the department had recently been divided into different sections or wings including PR department, external publicity wing, internal publicity wing print and electronic media, social media department, research and reference wing and marketing and advertisement department. Chairman PTI Imran Khan has recently appointed Noman Shah, a local businessman as the head of the public relations (PR) department and he has been tasked to make himself available all the time to interact with the media persons at all levels.

Dr Waseem Shehzaz, a PTI leader, has been recently appointed as the head of external publicity wing by PTI chairman and has been tasked to oversee international media as well as interact with the diplomatic corps in Islamabad to make party’s strong connections with the international community.

Durrani himself is looking into the affairs of internal publicity wing print and electronic media. The wing has manager electronic media, manager print media, controller input, controller output and manager monitoring print and electron media, besides researchers.

Similarly, the social media department of the party is already working and its head is yet to be appointed. PTI’s social media secretary Umer Murtaza is looking into its affairs. The research and reference wing also includes strategic foresight unit that will have the responsibility to build up planning scenario for media department.

Faisal Javed is already heading the marketing and advertisement wing and is also the main brain behind the revival of media department after Iftikhar Durrani.

“Once the new media department would be shifted to its new office located at Blue Area of the capital, it will be inaugurated formally, probably in July,” said Iftikhar Durrani. He said that the revival of the central media department was actually brainchild of Faisal Javed and him and they put a proposal before the party chairman and finally succeeded to get approval. “The media department of the party was already running on ad hoc basis and its will become structured now as we have introduced new standing operating procedures (SOPs),” he said adding that it would be more responsive now.

The media department is also planning to launch its web portal protected by password and any journalist, if needed, can get some information about the party’s activities or the statements of the party leaders. “The portal will be independent of PTI, more of a corporate entity and all activities of the party from constituency to provincial levels and to the central level will be uploaded on the web portal on daily basis,” Durrani said. “We will have best motoring system for the electronic media as we have studied working of media departments of all political parties before restructuring it.”

Famous TV anchor and lawyer Naeem Bokhari who has recently jointed PTI has also been given behind the curtain role in the media department. Bokhari will have the supervisory role and give his input on grooming and training components of all the wings, said an office-bearer of the PTI’s Central Secretariat.

Durrani said that they had a plan to revive the media department since December last but it has been sped up due to the party’s plans to launch a protest movement. The party’s secretary information, chairman and secretary general will give the policy for the media department while secretary information will oversee all of its affairs, he said.