Some suggestions


It is known that during Ramzan, prices of eatables especially “dals” (lentils) goes very high due to the principle of supply and demand. Actually most of the dals are imported. It is suggested that Govt. should store the Dals in anticipation of Ramzan demand and release the stored Dals in Ramzan to stabilise prices in the market as dal has become a staple diet at the time of Aftari being used for pakoras and other dishes. Same is true of potatoes which were selling at Rs. 5/-per kg. Now these are available in the market at inflated price of Rs. 40/- per kg. If commodities are stored before the advent of Ramzan month it would ease out the situation of market if special stored supplies are brought in the market at the time. 

There are needed most and Govt. would be spared of complaints by people of dearness in Ramzan. This simple planning is neglected by city fathers which results in cries of dearness by the people that tarnish the image of Govt. of the day. 


Lahore, June 9. 


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