CHITTRAL: Children and women hailing from Kelash tribe of Chitral staged a peaceful protest demonstration against the government for not reconstructing roads devastated by floods in July last year.

The protestors demanded of the government to provide them basic rights and pay due attention to reconstruction of roads and other infrastructure destroyed by floods in 2015.

The children and women registered their protest in a peaceful manner outside their place of worships in Kelash Valley.

A social worker Shahi Gul and local government representative Maleet Gul while leading the protest said that residents of the area have repeatedly requested the government to reconstruct these roads and rebuild the power house but to no avail.

“Neither damaged roads have been repaired nor the electricity system has so far been restored entirely” said Shahi Gul. She added that the damaged and bumpy roads caused blockade of vehicular traffic due to which people of the area are confronted with a difficult situation.

Maleet Gul blamed Deputy Commissioner Chitral that she submitted applications for repair and reconstruction of their worship place but he took no action as well as for spending development funds in upper areas of the district. She said that no reconstruction and rehabilitation work has been done in Kelash area since last year floods hit the district. She demanded that people of Kelash should be equally treated like other citizens of the country.