Exclusive from London   -   “I am being sent messages to remain in London, and not return to Pakistan,” revealed former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, in an exclusive interview to Nawaiwaqt and The Nation. Seated in a waiting room at the Harley Street Clinic, the former prime minister was thoughtful, but resolute.

The following are a few brief details from the interview, which will be printed exclusively, and in detail tomorrow in daily Nawaiwaqt, and The Nation.

“Puppets, and those with ‘Jeeps’ will have to face bitter disappointment on polling day. The people have decided, they will accord PML(N) a historic victory.”

“I am committing my wife, Kulsoom, to the care of prayers; and I am returning to Pakistan to fulfil my duty to the nation.”

The PML-N Quaid indicated that whatever the circumstances and consequences may be, the country needs him, and he will return to Pakistan on Friday.

“Those trying to intimidate me and threaten me do not know that a person of faith fears only his Allah. I am not afraid of anyone.”

After his conviction from NAB court, this is his first interview to any news organisation. Speaking exclusively to Nawaiwaqt and The Nation, the former premiere said that the nation is fully conscious of what is happening before the elections. He said his slogan of “Vote Ko Izzat Do” (Respect the vote) has gained recognition and has reached every Pakistani home, and on 25 July, “the Jeeps and puppets” would face a humiliating defeat at the polls.

“I am being given messages through various channels, that I should not return home to Pakistan, and remain in London,” he said. “I am being told that my appeal filing will be ‘handled’. But I will not turn back from my stand.”

Informing about his return programme to Lahore, he said, “My daughter Maryam and I will greet and address our supporters who will come to welcome us at the Lahore airport, and then we will head directly to the NAB office at Thokar Niaz Baig.”

Speaking about the election scene he said, “The people have decided to accord a historic victory to PML-N, the scale of which our opponents cannot even imagine. If there is any attempt to rig the election results, it will lead to dire consequences.”

Speaking of his wife’s illness, he said, “She is not yet conscious, and is still on the ventilator. I was hoping to see her conscious. But after being sentenced, I cannot remain here.” He said, “I have lifted the flag of “Vote ko izzat do”, and I am ready to offer any sacrifice. Those who try to intimidate me do not know that a man of faith fears no one but Allah.”

Read the full interview tomorrow, EXCLUSIVELY in daily Nawaiwaqt and daily The Nation.


Special Correspondent Exclusive from London