KARACHI - All Parties Conference (APC) held under the banner of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday adopted resolutions to allow all political and religious parties to run their election campaign freely and should treat all the parties equally instead of providing facilities and support to a specific party.

This inappropriate attitude should be eliminated that is being witness currently during election campaign in Karachi whereas Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should remove all the errors from code of conduct ensuring the holding of transparent election, it said.

PML-Nawaz’s APC was called to discuss code of conduct announced by Election Commission of Pakistan for general election 2018. Different political parties representatives including MQM-P’s Moin Pirzada, Waqar Shah, PPP’s Saeed Ghani, Taj Haider, Rashid Rabbani, Waqar Mehdi, JI’s Muslim Pervaiz, Arif Shah, ANP’s Shahi Syed, JUI’s Aslam Ghori, JUP‘s Mustaqeem Norani, PML-Nawaz Shah Mehmood Shah, Saleem Zia, Rana Mashhood and others attended the discussion.

During the discussion the participants expressed concern over the removal of party flags and banners from various constituencies. MQM’s Moin Pirzada said that removal of the party flags, banners and election symbol has placed a question mark on the transparency of general election.

It seems that pre-poll rigging has been initiated just before the polls as a specific party is being facilitated removing the other political forces from the picture. These all acts confirm that blue eyed party was planned to enforce on Karachiites. All the political forces should unite to register protest against the attitude and negligence of Provincial Election Commission, he added.

Endorsing MQM‘s leader stance, PPP Karachi president said that ECP code of conduct carries numerous errors. PPP approach EC seeking placement of party flags and banners in different constituencies but the authorities removed all flags and banners, said Ghani claiming that efforts were made to affect other political parties election campaign.

ECP had given a code of conduct which is quite hard to understand said JI‘s Muslim Pervaiz adding that distance mentioned for the establishment of party camps on election day is quite long. Party is placing flags and banners as per EC mentioned sizes but despite of this Law Enforcement Agencies and Police were removing all the election material from the constituencies.

Later briefing the media men PML-Nawaz Chief thanked all the political parties’ representatives over their participation in APC. Without naming PTI, Shah said that the blue eyed party has not participated in the APC as they were exempted to follow the ECP code of conduct. Political parties will not allow Election Commission to practice favouritism and demand to treat all political parties equally. The dual standard would not be tolerated at any cost and further ignorance by Election Commission would force the political parties to protest over biased EC attitude, warned Shah.

PML-Nawaz leader further said that the parties participated in today‘s APC want transparent and fair polls while irregularities by the EC would place a big question mark not only on poll but also on the authority conducting elections on July 25.

He said that conspiracy is being hatched to outfit the election atmosphere in Karachi to decrease the voters turn out on Election Day. Representatives of all the political parties in today’s debate had reached a conclusion that attitude of ECP and other authorities towards one political party is actually the holding of managed election instead of fair and transparent polls, he added. To a question, he said that party is not going to boycott the polls but if the wrongdoing of EC were not halted then PML-Nawaz would opt to protest.

Worth mentioning here that representatives of PTI, PSP and TLP did not participate in PML-Nawaz‘s APC while the participants of the conferences during their speeches took advantage and criticized all three terming these political forces favourite parties in establishment book.