KARACHI - The Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry (BQATI) has agreed in principle to install septic tanks, pre-treatment plants or soft tanks in the industries falling in its area by volunteering itself with the Port Qasim Authority for initiating the plantation within and outside the factories on Monday.

The BQATI showed its readiness at the proceedings of the judicial commission headed by Justice (r) Amir Hani Muslim that plants would be installed as per the Sindh environment protection act 2014. The representative of the industries showed serious concerns about the water shortage in the area and commission ordered to approach the KWSB for addressing the issue. The industrialist other than initiating plantation in and outside the factories also assured that the treated water within and outside the factories would be utilised for plantation rather than discharging it in the sea.

The secondary treatment plant installed at the PQA shall be utilised to its optimum level and shall also be upgraded. They will also examine the need for the two other secondary treatment plants which would cater to the need of two other zones namely North West Industrial Zone and Eastern Zone as present plants only take care of South West Industrial zone.s

Meanwhile, commission heard the Fishermen Cooperative Society chairman and the Karachi Fish Harbor MD about septic tanks at sea food processing plants.

It was transpired during the meeting that there is serious mutual distrust between the Karachi Fishermen's Cooperative Society and the Karachi Fish Harbor Authority on the issues with regard to the agreements claimed to be executed between the parties at times.

The commission ordered that Sindh chief secretary should take all stakeholders on board which are in the business of fisheries and provide a way forward to the commission.

The commission observed that the chief secretary is aware of the objective of the commission which inter-alia is to see that no discharge of solid and liquid waste into sea takes place.

Besides, it is the assignment to the commission that it should ensure that the environment friendly atmosphere is created on the seashore. It noted that at present, the seashores are full of filth on account of multifarious factors which need to be attended immediately.

The Fishermen's Cooperative Society chairman, Karachi Fish Harbour Authority MD and Korangi Fish Harbor Authority and Fisheries Sindh DG have their independent grievances which are interlinked.

The secretary live stock and fisheries and secretary fisherman need to be called to resolve the issues. The commission directed that a meeting may be held by the chief secretary within a week to provide a way forward so that commission should submit a report to Supreme.