Engro Foods goes green

KARACHI (PR): A trend setter in the dairy industry of Pakistan, Engro Foods Limited (EFL) has taken another step towards achieving operational sustainability, along with being environmentally responsible. EFL has gone green by converting to solar energy for business operations at their Milk Collection Center (MCC) in Sobhodero, Sindh district of Ranipur. The Milk Collection Center is now operating as a Green center.

It has benefitted the center with continuous power supply for the industrial grade milk chillers and other heavy equipment with zero power generation cost. Previously, generators and conventional electrical supply were used to run the milk collection center, which is now replaced completely with solar based energy solution.

The conversion to solar energy has translated for EFL Milk Collection Centre in achieving 30pc decrease in operational cost due to zero consumption of diesel fuel. It has brought higher environmental sustainability to the business operations of the MCC. The electrical appliances being used have been converted to DC power, which are supplied electricity through the battery charged using the installed solar panels.

NBP collaborates with AMTF

KARACHI (PR): National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has facilitated Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF) in organising a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ at the NBP head office to receive blood donations from NBP employees for later blood transfusions to patients especially children suffering from thalassemia and other blood related diseases.

This initiative received an overwhelming response and large units of blood were collected. NBP employees volunteered enthusiastically and worked in conjunction with the medical teams of AMTF to make the Blood Donation Camp a real success.

NBP President Saeed Ahmad said, “Voluntary blood donation is a valuable service to people in severe medical emergencies. NBP has always been a front-runner in setting up such health camps for the benefit of the communities. It gives me great pleasure to see our employees enthusiasm and support for such causes, and demonstrating their strong sense of social responsibility.”

Regarding the collaboration with NBP, AMTF executive director, Ateeq-Ur- Rehman said: “We appreciate NBP’s efforts in highlighting the issues and challenges of those suffering from thalassemia in Pakistan. Blood is the life line of thalassemia children, but sadly there is scarcity of blood for them. Thalassemia is a havoc and a cyclone which is ruining our generation. I requested NBP to join hands to eradicate thalassemia from Pakistan and I am satisfied with the positive and encouraging response I received from the Bank. With increased efforts, we can help the afflicted children and may prevent new cases by raising awareness about Thalassemia.”

SimSim introduces ‘Digital Salami’

LAHORE (PR): SimSim has penetrated the market with the mission to digitise cash payments in all sectors i.e. small-to-medium scale enterprises (SMEs), universities, government sectors etc. Gone are the days when people used to offer cash to the Qawaals in honor of their performance. Now, SimSim has introduced a new means of payment in the music industry in the form of QR Codes to pay.

In a recent event ‘SimSim Sufi Night’, they introduced ‘Digital Salaami’ concept for the very first time in Pakistan. If a follower is willing to offer salami/donation to the artist they can simply scan the QR Code available near the stage, enter the amount and that specific amount will be transferred to the artist’s account instantly.

NIC Islamabad holds open house session for start-ups

ISLAMABAD (PR): The National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad, Pakistan’s premiere technology hub, held an open house session for all those who aspire to be a part of its fourth cohort.

The open house was an open to all and speakers from Ignite – National Technology Fund, Jazz and Teamup informed the participants about the vision, mission and the future of the NICs in Pakistan. Teams also discussed the benefits of the programmes offered at the NIC. Jazz xlr8 and Teamup have been at the forefront in promoting all tech enabled start-ups on national and international platforms.

Students, corporates and executives from across industries attended the session, gaining insights on the programme and toured the state-of-the-art facility. The session also included presentations from start-ups, where they showcased their journey at NIC Islamabad and how it is helped them scale their businesses.

Chief Digital Officer Jazz, Aamer Ejaz said, “Jazz takes pride in setting up the NIC that provides state-of-the-art facilities to startups and entrepreneurs from across Pakistan. Jazz xlr8 has played an integral role in helping many young entrepreneurs and startups take their business to the next level by leveraging Jazz digital platforms, payment gateway, global mentors and Jazz user base.

Moving forward, we hope to continue our support to build a sustainable technology eco-system in Pakistan and look forward to working with the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs of this country.”

The top startups at the NIC out of the selected startups will be chosen for the Jazz xlr8 programme. The Jazz xlr8 programme at the NIC offer startups access to Jazz’s user base, a global network of mentors, and its digital platforms. Jazz wants to play its part in laying the foundation for a sustainable technology ecosystem and will provide resources and expertise to help young entrepreneurs fulfil their potential. Jazz xlr8 works in line with VEON’s ‘Make Your Mark’ initiative, which aims to help shape the future generation through exposure and seed funding.

Parvez Abbasi commented, “The open house is a great opportunity for all stakeholders and participants to come together and interact with those who aspire to become the next generation entrepreneurs”. He added, “At the same time, it enables these young people to connect with industry veterans, helping them understand how businesses like Jazz and Teamup are providing support to the evolving entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan.”

The session concluded with a jamming session organized and performed by founders from two of the start-ups.

Easyinsurance Co-founder Maliha Javed Khan remarked, “I think it’s a great learning opportunity for all of us here at the NIC, also for those who are applying for the fourth cohort. She added, “Interacting with young aspiring entrepreneurs is helping us to learn that there is a lot of potential out there, and we definitely want them to be a part of this eco-system.”

StormFiber reaches Multan

MULTAN (PR): StormFiber, a Pakistani fiber broadband service provider, has expanded its triple play (TV, telephone and Internet) service to Multan.

Well-established in four major Pakistani cities, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Peshawar, StormFiber has set its sights on expanding its footprint across the country. StormFiber celebrated its foray into Multan, the fifth largest city of Pakistan, at an event organised at a local hotel on Monday.

The introduction of fiber-based gigabit internet connectivity of StormFiber (backed by Cybernet) will help Multan bridge the digital infrastructure gap and bring it on par with global metropolitan cities. StormFiber aims to deliver consistent internet services on FTTH infrastructure, along with HD television and crystal-clear voice services.