LAHORE - An accountability court on Monday extended physical remand of former chairman and chief executive officer of Punjab Saaf Pani Company Raja Qamarul Islam and Waseem Ajmal for another 14 days.

NAB Judge Syed Najamul Hassan was hearing the case when the NAB officials produced both the suspects for their role in corruption in Punjab Saaf Pani Company. The NAB judge expressed dismay at the NAB officials for producing the accused late in the court for extension in their physical remand.  “What do you want to show to people?” the judge asked the NAB officials, adding that “What investigation have you done through the first physical remand of the accused?”

On this, the NAB officials said that through their investigation they came to know that eight plants were installed in Dunyapur where huge irregularities had been found. Waseem Ajmal said former Punjab Chief Minister had ordered installation of the plants in the area and the same were installed during the by-election to get votes. He said the case was registered with the Anti-Corruption Establishment on the direction of the former Punjab chief minister when the corruption reports surfaced on record.  Ajmal’s counsel said his client voluntarily provided information to the NAB authorities but even then he was taken into custody.  The counsel of Qamarul Islam pleaded the court that signatures of his client were important for polling agents as well as for issuance of cheque book. Therefore, he pleaded the court, to grant him permission for signatures. Qamarul Islam said he was the only candidate whose hands and legs were tied and only for one-hour he was held by the NAB investigator during the 14-day physical remand. He said he was arrested during the election campaign.

The NAB officials said accused Qamarul Islam had awarded contract of 84 water treatment plants against heavy amount illegally.   He said the accused misused his authority. “Many things have been revealed through the investigation,” said the NAB prosecutor. The NAB investigator said that the name of a politician known as Kanju was asked for contact.

After hearing arguments of both sides, Judge Hassan extended for further 14 days physical remand of both accused for investigation. The court directed the NAB officials to produce them again on July 23.  It may be mentioned here that some people showered rose petals on both accused during their appearance before the NAB court.

However, the NAB officials speedily took them out from the armored vehicle and rushed them to the courtroom to seek their further remand.