KARACHI - Paksarzameen Party chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal welcomed famous TV actor Mani and many MQM UC chairmen to the PSP.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Kamal said that Mohajirs are now awaked. The population of Karachi was undercounted below the actual figures but then MQM was dumb, we filed a petition against the severe irregularities of census records but we were labelled as if creating hurdles in the election process.

“It’s our success that we have been acknowledged by the chief justice of Pakistan and our petition will be proceeded for hearing after elections,” he added. The chairman expressed his firm belief in giving back the rights of Karachiites in a legal way.

Mustafa Kamal also appealed to the Chief Justice regarding the problem of the residents of Pakistan Quarters who fear to lose their houses being inhabited by generations for years, since the independence he requested to solve the problem on humanitarian basis.

Lambasting MQM, he said that the graveyards were now sealed because of our efforts and the number of missing persons would have not been reduced from 3000 to 300. Adding to the joint efforts of his party, he said that we demanded about the youth of Karachi who must be forgiven and a package should be provided to them likewise on the same grounds as it was done in Balochistan.

Condemning the brutal attitude of MQM workers he said not to use your hands otherwise legal action would be taken including FIR and arrests and your leaders will not support you leaving you alone. He advised them not be misused by their leaders. Supporting the identity of PSP he said that dolphin is our identity and it represents friendship without any discrimination. Our aim is to serve humanity as well.

He went on to say that since past few days the fragmented MQM has been blaming of extortion but in the real sense it’s MQM who is being extorting the residents of Karachi for decades. These people can arrange conventions in Liaquatabad on large scale but remain blindfolded about the weird condition of Karachi including broken roads and heaps of garbage. Drawing the attention of the so called leaders of Pakhtoons and Mohajirs he said  Instead of seat adjustment with other parties they should make some space in their hearts for heart adjustment.

Famous TV actor Mani said in his speech that he was at first disappointed but with the true leadership and knowing the right way to administer Karachi  he has hopes from Mustafa Kamal and wishes him to be back again to remake Karachi as he did before.

Supporting PSP he said that we must vote for dolphin in order to triumph PSP and select the most appropriate candidates. He also conveyed his best wishes and was confident enough about the success of PSP.