A few days back I along with my family have been to Gorakh Hill Station for a tour –a tourist place in District Dadu. The next was quit shocking for us. I met the manager of restaurant for a room but he refused to rent a room and made excuses. After some time an agent-relative of hotel manager- came to me and asked me to pay him 500 and he would request the manager. I, between the devil and deep sea, paid him 500 and he managed my meeting with manager, the manager showed me a dirty room and asked 6000 for one night charges-which was worth 800 rupees a night.

I rushed to the restaurant for lunch and asked for water but they refused for water and asked me to a buy mineral water -even to wash the hands. Shockingly, I was charged 160 rupees of 1.5 litter mineral water, 30 rupees of a roti and Rs.300 of a vegetable plate. I complained the manager but he said that he served the secretaries and VIPs there, where would I go and complaint against him. During whole journey with my family I saw lawlessness and monopoly of hotel manager at Gorakh Hill station. Being a local person of area, I returned back to home.

I would like to plea to high officials to take action against the monopoly of hotel manager. And there should be an active price control authority which can keep a check on the rates of vegetables, meat, hotel rates etc. furthermore, police should also be deployed so this hooliganism can be disciplined. Even Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil is not perfectly organized, but we can certainly improve how things are quickly and make Gorakh Hill a favorite go to tourist destination.


Dadu, June 21.