SAMBRIAL-Local administration has turned a blind eye to the unhygienic and germ-infested foodstuffs being sold at hotels and food stalls across Sambrial City.

According to a survey report, majority of hotels in Sambrial City, especially on Wazirabad Road and Daska Road are selling substandard foodstuff. Hotels and food stall operators use poor quality cooking oil, meat, vegetables and other food contents which are causing digesting diseases to the consumers. Local people demanded Punjab Food Authority [PFA] and Sialkot Deputy Commissioner take action against the hotels and food stalls involved in sale of poor quality foodstuff.


New Assistant Commissioner Azuba Azeem has been appointed at Sambrial. She has taken the charge of her office and started work. She visited THQ Hospital, Sambrial and showed concern over poor hygienic condition of the hospital.

She asked THQ Hospital medical superintendent to ensure cleanliness at the hospital as per required standard.