KARACHI - Muttahida Quami Movement Pakistan leader Dr Farooq Sattar on Monday claimed that his party flags and banners were removed from different areas of the city and his party candidates were not allowed to carry out election campaign.  Dr Farooq Sattar was talking to the media after appearing before the trail court in a case pertaining to violate load-speaker act, he said that his party was facing hurdles in their election campaign and blamed the Election Commission and the caretaker government for it

“It has become difficult to carry out the election campaign; therefore, we demand to adopt equal policies for all the political parties,” said Farooq Sattar.

The MQM leader said due to the hurdles his party has been unable to launch the campaign, he has openly conveyed his party’s concerns and grievances to the election commission and caretaker government, he added that if such attitude remains so his party may consider to go on boycott the polls.

Farooq Sattar said that the MQM’s posters and flags were being removed from different parts of the metropolitan. He also blamed for pre-poll rigging and said that the match was already fixed the results may changed.

He said that many participating parties and candidates are spending billions of rupees on advertisements for their election campaign, how can the poor candidates and parties can compete with them for spending such amount for advertising campaign, he added that MQM is a poor political party and is not able to do so. He demanded the Election Commission to take action against those participating candidates, who are violating the election commission for spending billions of rupees during election campaign. The MQM leader is hopeful for a big victory in the coming election and said that MQM will secure its traditional seats and will achieve a big victory.

“Our party workers are still being arrested without any charges, the workers are not fully mobilized because of the circumstances created to restrain them” said MQM leader, he added that many candidates of his party are unofficially forbidden to carry out their campaign in their constituencies.

Earlier, during the court hearing, in a case pertaining to violate the loudspeakers act, the court directed the prosecution to supply copy of the case to the accused, and adjourned the case till July30. The case against Dr Farooq Sattar was registered in Soldier Bazar police Statio, he also got bail in the case.