KARACHI    -   Commenting on IMF accord, Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh on Information, Law and Anti-Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the government is being run by the IMF instead of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He was addressing media at Sindh Assembly on Tuesday. Wahab said that the steady rise in gas and electricity tariff was unjustified. The PTI government denigrated foreign investment. He said that the rulers were behaving like step-mother to the people of Pakistan especially the Sindh, he added.

Wahab said that the PTI government did nothing for the people of the country except inflation and unemployment. The PTI government is imposing mini budget on daily basis so as to increase the miseries of the masses. The federal government will increase the prices of electricity in August, he added.

The adviser said that Prime Minister Niazi should remember his promises with the nation before coming into the government. He said that due to the policies of Imran Khan and his team the people of Pakistan could not even arrange their daily meal easily. He said that the PPP would never favour the anti-masses policies of PTI government as it had done in the past. He said that the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is continuously struggling for the welfare of the masses.

Wahab said: “It is the darkest age for Pakistan. Prime Minister Niazi is happy in his palace and does not bother what problems are being faced by the people of Pakistan after coming into force the PTI-led government. Masses have never faced such hardship and grey areas as they are facing in these days. Government can never remain established on false claims/ promises. The people of Pakistan are now realised the real face of the rulers and are ready to come on streets for the accountability of the federal government.

“Prime Minister Niazi has not given even a single penny for the mega city of Karachi and the people of Pakistan are remembering him of his revolutionary promises. The prime minister in the meeting at Governor House said that the federal government will complete the Green Line project immediately. Sindh Government hailed/praised the statement of Prime Minister. According to the promise of the prime minister the Green Line Project would have been inaugurated in the month of September, but the reality is that neither a single bus has been provided nor the project is completed. In the coming budget, only 25 percent of the total cost has been allocated for the project of Sindh.”

Wahab said that horse-trading was against the constitution of Pakistan and it would prove a dream that PTI can make in house change in the Provincial Assembly of Sindh.

Wahab said that if PTI is planning to change the Sindh government and believes in horse-trading adding that the Election Commission should take notice of this horse trading.

“The PPP believes in the freedom of press and if Pemra has imposed sanctions on channels without any show cause notice then it is wrong and the Pakistan Peoples Party is standing with media and strongly condemns the action of Pemra.

The adviser asked that Niazi where are the Rs 162 billion of Karachi package. He said that you have been elected from Karachi but where is the Karachi package?. The adviser said that the intellectuals will also question from the rulers that how much will they claim false promises to the masses. He said that Hyderabad University had been inaugurated but where is the university?  He said that the Federal Government played politics upon Thar issue but what practical steps they have taken to the people of Thar. He said that false commitments and playing drama will not further be tolerated by the people of Pakistan. Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the Chief Minister Sindh wants to solve the problems of Karachi and he convened a meeting of all stakeholders of Karachi but it is astonished to say that some persons doubted upon the sincerity of Sindh Government and stated wrongly after coming out from the conference. He said that a person is chairman and he is running election campaign which is a violation of law. Election commission should ensure free and fair elections.  Murtaza Wahab said that two ministers of Pakistan Peoples Party resigned from their Ministry PPP believes in the sovereignty of the parliament.

Meanwhile Wahab prayed for Madre Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah on her death anniversary.

Furthermore in his condolence massage upon death Zaheen Tahira, said that she was a great lady and a very fascinating actress, a dedicated mother, absolute model of strength and love. She passed away this morning leaving many of her family members and those close to her in the state of trauma and sadness. Wahab said that the people of Pakistan will remember both in golden words.