PESHAWAR             -           Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Akbar Ayub Khan on Thursday directed all the officers of the Provincial Directorate of Education to notify to all the district offices to issue directives of transfers and postings of employees of offices and schools including clerical staff of the Provincial Directorate, who had worked in a single office for two or more years.

He said the process should be completed within ten days and all district officers would be responsible for their respective districts. The minister said that after ten days, a committee of top officials of the Education Department would be formed to visit all the district offices and check their postings and transfers. If any district officer was found guilty of negligence then strict action would be taken against him under the E&D Rules, he said.

Akbar Ayub Khan said that as per the commitment of PTI every hurdle in the process of development of Education Department would be cleaned and supremacy of merit would be established.