Iranian media reported an explosion in Garmdareh, just west of Tehran, early on Friday morning.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported news of the explosion early Friday. According to Dubai-based Al-Arabiya News, the explosion happened in the vicinity of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) warehouses in Garmdareh.

A BBC correspondent further noted the location appeared to be Imam Hasan Mojtaba base, an IRGC installation, but reports are unconfirmed.

Local reports online also indicate that power is out in the surrounding area.

Last week, a large explosion at Natanz, just north of Isfahan, destroyed a facility that produced nuclear centrifuges for refining uranium. While Iranian officials say they have reached a conclusion about the cause of the explosion, figures outside Iran that are opposed to the Islamic Republic have either praised the explosion - assuming it was sabotage - or promised they are capable of similar destruction in the West Asian country.

The week prior there was also an explosion at a gas station in Parchin, east of Tehran and host to a large military complex.