ISLAMABAD            -          Drug sale and use is going unchecked in various parts of federal capital with Dora Village on the top in illegal trade of narcotics including heroin and ice, whereas, police and other law enforcement agencies are apparently turning a blind eye to the menace. According to details, the areas where drug use and sale is on the rise are F-8, F-9, F-10, F-1, Sihala, Bhara Kahu, Noon, Golra Sharif, Ghora Mast, Bagh Jogian, (within limits of police station Koral), Qilah Phurwala (falling under jurisdiction of police station Kahuta but sharing borders with Islamabad at Soan River), Chirah, Kirpa and Dora Village. Except the posh sectors, the drug addicts can be seen in large numbers  injecting drugs to each other. Similarly, the drug peddlers supply drugs in these areas without any prompt action on the part of police and other law enforcement agencies. Dora Village in the jurisdiction of police station Tarnol has become the main centre of drug supply not only in federal capital but also Rawalpindi. However, police and other authorities concerned seem to be silent spectator of the scenario, reportedly condoning the rampant drug sale for receiving monthly from kingpin of the drug dens located in Dora Village. A police official, who spoke with The Nation on condition of anonymity, said sometimes police have to nab some drug peddlers and addicts to show performance to senior officers but reality is that the big crocodiles are still out of cages and involved in destroying lives of youth by pushing them towards use of drugs, something seeking strong attention of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Amir Zulfiqar Khan. When contacted, a spokesman to IGP Islamabad stated the police have launched a massive crackdown against the drug mafia operating in the federal capital. He said that the ongoing year saw a considerable decrease in overall crime rate including drug sale in Islamabad. In drive against drug peddlers, 240kg of Chars, 47kg of Heroine, 4kg of Opium, 41gm of Cocaine, 223gm of Ice drug and 10,000 bottles of liquor were recovered. He said police had also held 10 drug suppliers in last 24 hours and seized 12kg Charas, 2kg heroin and 300 gram ice from their possession. He said police and ANF carried out a joint raid in Dora Village but found nothing there. He said police are struggling hard to wipe out the menace of drugs from federal capital.