Research suggests that children with underlying medical conditions are more prone to quickly falling ill due to COVID-19 than others. For example, asthmatic children may have more severe flu-like symptoms from COVID-19, as is the case with other respiratory diseases. Although there is no substantial evidence that indicates that children with asthma experience more severe symptoms due to the novel coronavirus, it is still imperative to observe them more carefully. If symptoms develop, guardians must call a medical professional immediately to discuss the next steps that should be taken to treat the virus.

Furthermore, diabetic children may be more susceptible to becoming sick. To prevent being at a high-risk one must control their blood sugar as it is essential in fighting against the virus; poorly controlled diabetes in children can cause great difficulty, and may weaken the child’s immune system. In contrast children with well-managed diabetes are not expected to be more susceptible to the virus. Guardians must be more vigilant with children with underlying medical conditions, and immediately seek medical guidance if symptoms arise.


Wah Cantt.