KARACHI In view of shock and awe from all quarters, including the legislators, the authorities on Thursday arrested two of the five Rangers troops who were captured on camera shooting an unarmed, helpless teenager outside a Boat Basin park in one of the most vicious episode known yet. Clifton police booked two Rangers personnel involved in the merciless extra-judicial killing of Sarfraz Shah, the younger bother of a local journalist. The government has also formed a Joint Interrogation Team on the demand of the bereaved family, which was initially given a cold shoulder until the matter hitting the TV screens, courtesy Abdul Salam Soomro, a cameraman who has complained of receiving threatening calls since airing of his footage nationwide. All the findings of the JIT will be made public and investigation will be done in a transparent manner, said Interior Minister Rehman Malik while talking to the media after holding a meeting at the Sindh Chief Ministers House. The meeting was attended by Sindh CM Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Rangers DG Maj-Gen Mohammed Ejaz Ch, Sindh IGP Fayyaz Leghari and representatives of intelligence agencies. Though the eye of camera has previously exposed some of such brutalities in Karachi, this incident attracted much attention owing to the details available in the footage owing to courage of cameraman Soomro. Talking to reporters, Soomro disclosed that he has been receiving threatening calls ever since his footage going on air. The last extra-judicial killing was reported in Zaman Town a couple of months ago when an enraged man was gunned down while protesting against illegal water supply. Another incident took place when the Rangers arrested Lyari gangsters in orchestrated raids. In an encounter two gangsters were killed while a Rangers man was reported injured. Similarly, another two young men were killed owing to alleged indiscriminate firing of the Rangers. The duo was amongst the people protesting against sectarian killings. For the latest killing, police registered FIR No. 427/11 against Rangers Muhammad Asghar and Shaid Zafar, of Wing 33, while the rest of accomplishes who circled Sarfraz have not been named at all. Earlier, police had registered a fake case of encounter on the complaint of Khan Afsar for possession of a pistol and staging an encounter, which was proved wrong by Soomros video shown widely. Shocking scenes were witnessed on the funeral for the deceased teenager, as family and friends were overpowered by grief. Maulana Naveed Abbasi led the funeral prayer in Abduallah Ground, Hijrat Colony, while the burial took place in Papush graveyard. Hundreds of journalists, political and civil society members attended the funeral procession and chanted slogans against the brutality. Rehman Malik said that initially the government considered forming a judicial enquiry, but the offer was rejected by the victims family. There is no doubt about the video clips and it has been totally unjustified on the part of the personnel of the Rangers, but I assure you that an FIR has been registered and law will take its course, the interior minister told the media. On the other hand, the interior minister said that the accused was caught by the public and handed over to the area vigilance person who handed him over to the Rangers. The accused tried to loot visitors in the park but was caught red-handed, he said. The Interior Minister said that two-pronged investigation has been launched on the part of the law enforcers and on behalf of the family of the deceased in a transparent manner without any discrimination. He chose to mention that during the last five months, at least 24 policemen were killed by outlaws while 3 personnel of the Rangers also lost their lives. Eight gangs are operating actively in the area of the incident, he added. The video of the incident shows a teenager, wearing trousers and a shirt, begging for his life as a soldier turns his rifle to his neck. Another soldier shouts: This is the man to which the teenager says: I am helpless, my friend. Please do not fire, please not, please please After being shot in the hand and thigh, as blood seeps onto the ground, the boy cries: Please take me to hospital, please take me, please save me, o friend save me. He tries to stand, but quickly crumples to the ground. A soldier is heard saying: Ok, thats enough. The man continues to beg for help as Rangers men appear to amble around, watching him fall unconscious and bleed to death. Several hundred people attended Shahs funeral in Karachi. Mourners chanted the Rangers are killers. The victims older brother Salik Shah, a TV reporter, denied as baseless the Rangers charge that Sarfraz a bandit. My younger brother was a decent boy with no criminal record. Charges from the Rangers are ridiculous and criminal, he told the media. In some of the other brutalities, in Rizva police precincts, a young man was shot dead the same week another protester lost his life to firing allegedly by the Rangers. Also, the Rangers deployed at the University of Karachi occupied the hostel in a manner they usually take over other buildings in the city. They were accused of misbehaving or even torturing teachers and students with impunity. Raza Jaffri, General Secretary Crime Reporters Association, said that extra-judicial murderers have been accused in many incidents, but no action has ever been taken against the guilty. He said that Rangers usually go by the rules of war in a metropolitan area and target citizens like the enemy of a rival country. Staff Reporters From Islamabad adds: Senators from across the political divide Thursday condemned the killing of the unarmed boy by the Rangers in Karachi. They said the incident could have been averted had the government taken action against the guilty after the Kharotabad incident in Quetta where unarmed Chechen women were gunned down. Many senators who spoke on the issue said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik should take the House into confidence and inform it about the details of what they called a brutal, extra-judicial killing. They recommended stern action against the culprits. Syed Tahir Hussain Mushhadi of the MQM said that this type of extra-judicial killing by security forces must not be permitted, adding that the interior minister should take action. Mian Raza Rabbani said that the paramilitary forces have been given a free hand and effects of the decision could be clearly seen in the recent incident. Lashkeri Riasani, Babar Ghauri, Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani and Raja Zafarul Haq also spoke on the incident. Agencies add: President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday expressed shock and grief over the incident. The President also called an immediate report on the matter and said that the killing will be investigated and the law take its course, said a statement.