Now that the government’s own MNAs have started raising their voice against creation of new provinces, Prime Minister Gilani, as the vanguard of the campaign for more provinces, should rethink the issue in the larger interest of the country. Among those registering their protests were ANP but also PPP members, indicating that the move could also have political repercussions for the PPP. Interestingly, the PPP thinks that this would reverse its sagging fortunes. Recent fallout of this disastrous course was witnessed in the deaths of several people at a rally against a Mohajir province in Sindh. Clearly, the protesters had taken a cue from other parts of the country and the political brinkmanship of the federal government supporting a Seraiki province.

Those asking for more provinces should know that the already bankrupt Pakistan would not be able to bear the additional expenses required to run them. Making changes in the map of the country and giving the territory a new name will not end the poverty, sense of deprivation and other problems the people are facing.