Not long ago, Pakistan Railways was a profitable company providing excellent services to the passengers countrywide. It had in fact become a symbol of success of the economy and unity of the federation. Unfortunately, all this has changed and is history now. The situation deteriorated during the past few decades but got worse with the arrival of the present government that has even failed to provide diesel for the engines. It is quite shocking to know that huge tracts of lands remain occupied by various government departments and land mafia and even citizens who have built their homes along the railway lines. This is apart from nepotism, corruption, shortage of locomotives and poor management. Under the circumstances, the government needs to seek help of countries like China and Russia and resurrect the railways to its past glory. Currently, it needs sufficient funds and secondly the encroached land should be recovered and returned to it as quickly as possible. The government must make the changes without further delay.

Bushra Farooq,

Lahore, June 9.