The hydra headed monster of corruption has imperceptibly been eating away the morality as well as the social fabric of our society ever since the inception of our country. The only human being who has been cutting this serpent’s numerous heads is his Lordship, Iftikhar Chaudhry, the Chief Justice of Pakistan and for the last three long years he has left no stone unturned to kill the basilisk of corruption. Even the Greek hero, Hercules would have kicked his heel and saluted the honourable Justice for his ineffable bravery. But the irony of circumstances is that the tentacles of this poisonous monster of corruption with its festering wounds have crept into the home of the venerable Chief Justice. It is praiseworthy an act that he took suo moto notice against his own son when the media started talking at the top of its voice about his son’s alleged involvement in shady deals in which he took Rs400 million from time to time from Malik Riaz, a business magnate so that he could wield his influence over his father to be lenient while passing judgments on various cases against the said tycoon. Justice’s son appeared before his father in the apex court with a complete and confident composure on the first day but on the second day he tried to put a brave face but cracks appeared in his armor immediately when an anchorperson of a TV channel spoke comprehensively about having seen the evidence of alleged corruption. Now when the CJ has stepped down from the bench that will decide the future of his son and also when the CJ has severed all ties with his son till the verdict is announced, the media should also bring down to normal seas its waves of hype which are as high as Mount Everest. Another perplexing thing is that the matter is about the alleged corruption of Chief Justice’s son and not about the Justice himself and there is no cogent reason as to why the honorable Justice should try to clear his position by saying that he does not possess his personal house; that he does not even smoke and is not addicted to tea; that he does not own a personal vehicle.


Wah Cantt, June 8.