The people of Sindh elected the member of their assembly and members of assembly elect their chief. The main purpose of the whole exercise is to give relief and resolve the public related issues like health, education, security and public utilities for the benefit of the people of their province. The Sindh assembly is wasting time on non issues like making wearing a helmet compulsory for the rider and co sitter. Charging heavy fines from 8th June, either a member of the Assembly or their relatives have again got the import license for helmets and that is why they have passed this law, as no law is made to help and facilitate the poor.

The Chief Minister promised that Thar would be developed but nothing has been done. The CM and member of the Assembly are grown up people but their actions are childish. It would seem as if they were elected to enjoy themselves, when will see any serious action from this elite group, who keeps saying they were elected by the people.


Karachi, June 7.