“Read in the name of thy Lord who

teaches you what you know not”

A message of Almighty God to his prophet Mohammad through his angel Gibrael, Prophet Mohammad then apart from other messages of Almighty God, conveyed, preached and stressed the necessity of education to the people. Education enlightens the higher centres of brain of an individual, enhances depth of vision and promotes far sightedness. The unfortunate people of Pakistan since its creation have been deprived of their basic right of education which has never been the priority of any ruling Government in the history of this country and criminally neglected its necessity.

An alarming visible change is seen today in the people of Pakistan. There is a fall in the national values, public behavior and unconcerned, inhuman attitude in the people of Pakistan. Degeneration of the national values means a deterioration in moral character and a change in our mind set. History of the nations reveals that since the creation of mankind, there has always been rise and fall of nations and if any nation’s social set up breaks up, moral character of its people fall below a certain level, then nature plays its role and a process of degeneration starts in this nation which eventually perishes.

A car driver after hitting and injuring a pedestrian on road instead of adopting a positive approach and facing the situation on site, tries to run away, leaving behind the injured person alone to die from lack of medical help and blood loss. Why the grey matter in his brain had momentarily ceased or delayed to discharge a positive impulse so as to awake his sense of responsibility and jolt his conscience to stop on the spot, transfer the injured in his car to a nearby hospital emergency, save his life and earn a great service to humanity.

Just as at the end of US war with Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the past, US had awarded Pakistan a gift of huge arms and drugs, the consequences of which the people of Pakistan are suffering till today. Similarly at the end of the War on Terror in Afghanistan, US has awarded Pakistan a gift of terrorism inside Pakistan. As a result of these two wars, there is a constant flow of arms and opium products from Afghanistan to Pakistan. The Pakistani smugglers involved in this trade just for wealth and the lust of gold must understand that as a result of their drugs and arms smuggling into Pakistan, these drugs are being sold freely in every street and outside schools, colleges throughout Pakistan and the day is not very far away when this flourishing, unchecked, unpunished trade in Pakistan shall one day convert the young generation of Pakistan into a nation of addicts like the Chinese used to be once in the past. This sad trend reflects a change in the mindset of the people, a fall in their moral values and deterioration of our society.

There is no concept of food adulteration in the outside world where this act is considered inhuman and ugly. Clear drinking water and pure food are basic necessities. Shamefully it is only in Pakistan where the germs and virus of food adulteration are found in the blood and minds of many people. In Pakistan clean water is not available to drink, basic food for children like milk is mixed with dirty pond water. The public is being given meat of dead animals. It will lead to malnutrition and the next generation shall be born physically weak and mentally retarded. People who are involved in this dirty business must realise that food adulteration is a serious crime and it has not been appreciated and allowed according to the teaching of Islam.

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan today, just think of any sin, crime, inhuman behaviour of the individual, their attitude, behaviour and trade, which is not being practiced. A TV channel has shown a father of animal instinct, sexually abusing his real daughter for some time. Similarly small innocent girls are being raped and killed and children being treated same way. Imagine the condition, feelings and the agony of a young woman whose face has been destroyed and made horrible forever by throwing easily available acid over her face. Dangerously increasing crime in Pakistan is the indication of not only the degeneration of our national values but also the degeneration of the nation as a whole. Multiple factors like poverty, illiteracy, drug culture and terrorism are responsible for polluting the society and down fall of our national values.

It is the right of the people of Pakistan to know and demand the truth about their country. Pakistan is truly exhausted financially, foreign loan department, politically bankrupt with its society and the national values of the people are destroyed due to the political system which is corrupt and inefficient. According to this system the fate of the twenty million people of Pakistan lies in the hand of four hundred families who have been introducing a class of politicians who are landlords, Vaderas, industrialist, Pirs, Sardars, religious heads and smugglers. Majority of them are professional politicians for whom politics is their hobby and the assemblies are entertainment clubs. They seldom attend assembly sessions and only go to receive their salaries and fringe benefits, to collect development funds and to protect their private business affairs. Therefore the mother of all evils, the traditional prevailing personality and the family dominated political system, must come to an end.

The gigantic luxurious national assembly of Pakistan with attached decorated residences for the public representatives of the poor country of Pakistan is usually empty during sessions. National or public issues and legislations are rarely heard and seen except the noise of the party boycotts and the benches tapping. The young generation of Pakistan is therefore begged to take over the responsibility, change the system entirely and run the state of Pakistan.