No political party lawmakers will scrutinise and analyse the entire budget (both federal and provincial) and prepare alternate suggestions to help solve daily problems of countless millions of citizens deprived of clean drinking water, enough food for healthy survival, proper healthcare, job opportunities, cheap and quick justice, safe school structures with essential facilities, toilet facilities, sewerage systems, and so on. Budget debate will be just useless rhetoric and political point scoring. Some preplanned amendments will be incorporated to give semblance of democratic system. Ultimately, ruling party ‘yes men’ will raise hands to approve the budget. Those in opposition will display disgust but only in public to gain sympathy.

Mega projects, events and media publicity at public expense to glorify rulers will continue as usual. Political party appointees such as President, Governors, and Senators on reserved seats, numerous useless advisors in addition to armies of ministers will continue to consume billions of rupees out of poor tax payers money without doing anything for the betterment of the country or the people. Rich will become richer, the poor poorer and terrorism in various forms will continue, as the government does not have the will for better governance.


Rawalpindi, June 7.