In the beginning of the year the government issued a list of 20 products, which weren’t halal. There has been a strict check for non-halal substances by the instructions from the government. Shopkeepers are being extremely careful and products containing even the slightest amount of alcohol, gelatin or meat, which is not butchered according to the ‘Islamic (halal) way,’ are not being sold in many shops. Products such as chicken soup, imported jelly and sweets are being removed from the shops. These products don’t fall in the category of ‘completely halal products’ and in order to maintain the halal logo; so that Pakistan could export products to prosperous Islamic countries. This strict regulation occurred because of the high demand for halal products from the Gulf States. We have a suitable geographical position to export items such as meat to the Muslim countries and this could generate large revenue if we play our cards properly.


Karachi, April 27.