It is heart-rending to witness mutilated corpses and severed bodies of people who have been suffering so much due to their particular identity-they are Muslims. Faith is a personal matter but it has become quite public for Myanmar, as the people suffering in the Rohingya community are Muslims and maybe that is why everyone is quiet. The community has been persecuted, denied recognition, land rights, and subjected to forced labour for generations. The current displacement of a large number of Muslims, who are adrift on boats in the Indian Ocean, without food and drinking water, is deplorable for every sensitivity soul.

This man-made tragedy that has been unfolding in the Andaman Sea makes us all wonder where the United Nations and other peace mongering organizations are. Mostly likely they are hiding their heads in the sand; they have displayed such emotional emptiness when it is the Muslims being prosecuted. Malaysia and Indonesia have finally capitulated and offered shelter to 7,000; yet both countries made it clear that the assistance was temporary and that they would take no more. We need permanent solution for this Rohingya community.


Hyderabad, June 7.