One takes great pride in the fact that people from his or her country are getting fame. With the Pakistani film industry getting revived once more, an average Pakistani finally has something to be proud of. We take great pride in our actors who have managed to somewhat make a name in the world thanks to the rebirth of Pakistani cinema. Pakistani men have been termed as the third sexiest men in the world mainly because of the faces that the international media sees representing Pakistan; something that adds to the pride of our actors. I most certainly was proud of our brilliant actors until a recent encounter.

Following a recent press conference, I went to Mr. Humayun Saeed to take a picture, not as a journalist, but as a fan’s daughter. The minute I saw him standing alone, I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture with him to show to my mom who is… sorry, was, a fan of his. The minute he dismissed me in the rudest manner possible I knew I’d never be able to take pride in any of his ventures again.

Mr Humayun Saeed, I understand that you would have wanted some time alone at a press conference, since that is the reason why press conferences are held – to give celebrities the alone time they want. I understand that you might have wanted to take a picture after you finished your meal. What I don’t understand is why you would choose to act in such an inappropriate manner? Perhaps in the blinding lights of stardom, you’ve forgotten the fact that you too live in the same society as I do and that basic etiquette applies just as much to you as it does to anyone else.

Mr. Humayun Saeed, when you later told me in a very unapologetic tone that I had portrayed a ‘wrong’ image of you in front of my colleagues, you were right. I had, in fact, told my colleagues that you were probably a nice, well mannered person who acted the way he did because of all the pressure. I was wrong. When confronted, instead of admitting that you were rude, you tried to put the entire blame on the other person.

Having to interact with a lot of people at a press conference puts you in a bad mood? If that’s the case, you seriously need to reconsider your career choice.

I’ve been told you are better with the international crowd. Perhaps I should meet you at a press conference in Dubai? Would that entitle me to a polite no, Mr. Humayun Saeed?

It saddens me to see how the revival of cinema in Pakistan has made our stars forget that it is, in fact, because of the ordinary masses that they are treated like gods and goddesses. Prior to the revival of the Pakistani film industry, nobody really cared much for a number of people who are popular these days.  Perhaps they were better off then. While it is true that there are countless extremely friendly men in the film/fashion/music industry, it saddens me to know that there are others ready to tarnish its already fragile position.

Needless to say, I am not quite as excited about the film which I was quite enthusiastic about prior to the press conference.