Islamabad: Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed appeal plea by death row prisoner Shafqat Hussain, against his death warrants remarking how can now administration re-determine age of the culprit, when his mercy appeal has been rejected.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Nasir ul Mulk remarked “Mercy appeal has been dismissed. Court cannot interfere in administrative powers. Can court exercise presidential powers. Administration has gone far ahead and this is extraordinary incident. It has not happened so before that administration has done so after court’s decision. Court’s decision has come. We can do nothing. Media has made the matter of age controversial. Then apparently interior ministry decided to determine age. How the administration can determine age of the culprit, when mercy appeal has now been rejected.”

CJP Nasir ul Mulk gave these remarks, while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of the case Wednesday. .

Dr Tariq Hassan counsel for the death convict told the court his client has not been executed so far. Three things are very clear I don’t talk of any court’s verdict. I have nothing to do with judicial system of this country. I want our fundamental rights are safeguarded. My client has his rights even after his conviction. He is in jail since the last 10 years and under article 45 and international laws, this stands his right.

CJP remarked “we can issue any order under laws of this country.” The counsel for petitioner said “no, I am saying my problem is problem of age. Section 12 has not come before the court.”

Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked “has the president any power to determine the age of the culprit. This matter stands disposed of as the convict himself has not raised this issue. This matter was raised in review petition for the first time.”

CJP remarked “how can the administration re-determine the age of the culprit, when his appeal for mercy has been dismissed.”

Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked “the administration cannot raise this matter again under article 45.”

The court dismissed the appeal.