Wah Cantt - The government servants and trade union leaders have criticised the government for ignoring the salaried class in the budget and described 7.5 per cent increase in salaries as “peanuts.”

The third federal budget has disappointed government employees and trade union leaders as they have pinned high hopes with government for considerable increase by the democratic government keeping in view the suffering of the salaried class. A number of government servants and trade union leaders interviewed by this reporter said that the budget would cause price hike and further multiple miseries of the poor who are already hit hard by price hike. They showed resentment over the increase in the prices of the basic amenities such as electricity rates, napkins, electric appliances - fridges, thermostat, air-cone, micro wave etc and said that the government had ignored the employees of the private sector when it decided to raise salaries and pensions of the government servants.

POFs Workmen Association leaders and Clerical Association of POF Wah said that the cost of living had increased by more than 200 per cent but only 7 per cent raise had been announced in salaries of government employees. Industrial workers had been completely ignored in the budget.

POF workmen association said the announcement of 07 per cent increase in salaries was a cruel joke with government employees unable to make both ends meet in their limited incomes. They said the employees were expecting a raise not only in salaries but increase in allowances as well. He was of the view that the raise would be offset by increase in prices of essential commodities by the business community. This is again the budget for the rich and industrialists and there is not share in the budget for the poor except the government servants who have got a raise in the salaries.