Various organisations are working in Pakistan in the name of Youth Parliament in order to engage youth in Pakistan in healthy discourse and expose them to the democratic process and practices. Although these organisations provide a platform to the students to share their ideas, in the form of debates and speeches, in order to solve core issues and bring positive change in the country, however the bitter reality is that there is no representation of youth in the Parliament. Almost all of our ministers are aged and some of them are more than 70 year old. In truth we have an ‘old Parliament.’

In this scenario the debates, discussions, strategies, workshops, seminars, forums and symposiums of youth Parliaments are nothing but a storm in a tea cup. The truth is that these organisations have nothing to do practically. They have produced many batches of highly talented and qualified students but all in vain. What we need today is not ‘fake youth Parliament’ but real youth in Pakistan Parliament.


Sindh, April 27.