This is reference to reported statements by few politicians and their spin doctors that fallout of Panama Leaks if pursued to its logical conclusion would harm democracy. In a democracy eligibility for elected office must be confined to those with total commitment and loyalty to country and not men with split loyalties, whose destiny is not linked to future of this country and who choose to move their assets and family to foreign countries.

Public office holders enjoy perks and privileges at tax payer’s account and if they are involved in tax evasion themselves, than they have no moral or legal right to hold such offices in accordance with letter and spirit of constitution.

Islamic codes of ethics and democratic norms debar those holding public office to have any conflicts of interest. All over developed world, where democratic institutions are established, it is laws that prevail over individuals. Human history has repeatedly established that men at helm of affairs, holding elected or paid public office have faltered when they simultaneously indulge in private trade and business. Whether it is Italy’s Berlusconi, or Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra etc, controversies and scams stick to them.


Lahore, April 15.