Nowadays, eating out has become a trend. We all love to eat at restaurants and exquisite places. We think that these places offer tasty food and provide an opportunity to enjoy life outside the home. However, if we go to their kitchens we will never think of visiting that restaurant again in our life. Even five star hotels are of no exception. Recently in a famous restaurant, a girl died of eating a poisonous burger and no serious action was taken against the restaurant.

Those who are working in these hotels and restaurants do not observe the guidelines on how to handle food items. Food is cooked in unhygienic conditions while fruits, vegetables and other ingredients are not washed properly. They do not even wash their own hands before cooking or serving food. Many small restaurants are built along the roadsides selling unhygienic food. The concerned food authorities need to monitor such eateries and should take serious action against those who violate food safety rules and play with public health.


Karachi, April 20.