There are some aspects to make any country be developed; one of the major sources is leadership. It is leadership, which proves panacea of all inter-linked problems of society, which do not let our country be advanced. As a child needs nourishment to be elder likewise, our country requires leadership to be cultivated. Wherever leadership exists, there peace, prosperity and development prevail automatically.

When we peep in history, it witnesses that how Pakistan has been facing multiple challenges for long time. Really, such problems like: corruption, terrorism, extremism and other evil customs are effecting the ranking of our country in the world. It is merely leadership, who can make apart our beloved nation from destructive position. Considering developed countries; China, India and other well-known nations, who got status in the world, because, their leaders always warmly welcome to solve all deep-rooted issue politically.

However, Pakistan has been suffering in all angles. Therefore, we need commendable leadership to make our state among the strongest democratic countries in all over the world. If such leaders, who are currently functioning the country, are not working efficiently, so, we must give chance to other leaders by giving them votes.


Sindh, April 16.