The Panama leaks have thrown the whole world including Pakistan in troubled waters. Panamian premier lost his job, and other leaders are under rapidly mounting pressure to account for their actions. Pakistan is heading towards a political crisis due to ridiculous response of ruling regime to Panama papers leaks. It must realise the sensitivity and gravity of the post Panama-leaks political perspective.

Instead of coming clean on the offshore accounts to present for a credible inquiry, the rulers still sticking to their guns for hiding their assets by setting-up so called inquiry commission that was justifiably rejected by critics. According to a fundamental principle of justice, no man can be a judge in his own cause and thus fate of the so-called judicial commission proposed by PM Nawaz Sharif hangs in the balance. Had it followed example set by the UK prime minister, the scenario would have been different. The situation seems to be further aggravating as yet the premier did not take MPs in confidence over the controversial issue. On the other hand, without paying taxes, societies will suffer as they will be unable to provide essential public services. How many academic institutions and hospitals could have been set in the world by the tax proceeds of this huge amount of black money? Panama leaks persuade that offshore companies such as Mossack Fonseca need to come under very close scrutiny to stay away all from hiding their funds to avoid paying taxes.


CHAKWAL, April 16.