J.K. Rowling, the author of one of the bestselling book series in history, Harry Potter, has ruled over the hearts of her readers for many years. Even though the last book of the series was published in 2007, it still has one of the largest worldwide fan bases that spans over various continents and cultures. Like all other countries, the young adult generation of Pakistan is nothing less than obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter. From 20soemthings to children, Pakistan is home to all sorts of potterheads.

One such fan, Sania Iqbal Siddiqui, had always dreamt of her favorite author J. K. Rowling to visit Pakistan. Recently, she started a twitter hash tag #JKRowlingInPakistan in hopes to reach out to the British author. While talking about her love for the book series, she said “My (late) father bought me Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets in 1998. I thought they were too huge for me, but I read them anyway. It was how I got my fierce imagination. “

“And since most of the authors who are international juggernauts travel to India, rarely do I see them coming here for us. India had recently tweeted Neil Gaiman collectively and he responded.” She explained her motivation to start the hashtag. People started retweeting and using the hashtag which hasn’t started trending yet but Siddiqui aims to make it so. It has gained some popularity and not only Pakistanis but people from other countries as well used the hashtag to help spread the word.

“Pakistanis need to learn a thing or two about unity on social media. I want to approach JK Rowling as she is the woman I am indebted to for my foray into reading fantasy, and I want this as much as the rest of the Pakistani Potterheads.”, remarked Siddiqui.

 Siddiqui started encouraging her fellow potterheads to try and make the hash tag start trending.

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