The extra judicial killing of Sabzar Butt by Indian Armed Forces has added fuel to the already volatile situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Yet another freedom fighter has embraced martyrdom and his body was wrapped in the Pakistani flag at the time of his funeral, which was attended by thousands. The news coming from Indian Occupied Kashmir is disturbing and reminds me of the atrocities committed at the Abu Ghraib jail, the latest being that of an Indian army major using a civilian Kashmiri as a human shield and equally disturbing response of their Army Chief rewarding the perpetrator with commendation card. The apathy of the international community and that of Muslim world in particular to these human rights abuses is condemnable. The situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir is worsening every day and people are left with no option but to come out in the open and defy the Indian occupation and their illegitimate rule. I would urge the UNHRC, ICJ and OIC in particular to play their role and try to bring an end to the vicious use of military force by India against the unarmed civilian Kashmiris. I would also urge to the world leaders, especially the USA, to mediate and help resolve the decades old dispute that has the potential of becoming a nuclear flash point. 


UK, May 28.