Writ petition challenging the administrative notice by the chief justice has been dismissed by the Lahore High Court in Khadija Siddiqui’s stabbing case.

Earlier Shah Hussain, the suspect and son of lawyer Tanvir Hashmi, had challenged the May 23 administrative order of Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah. He pleaded that the order will influence the trial proceedings pending before a judicial magistrate.

According to the notice the chief justice had directed the trial court to conclude its proceedings in 30 days by holding day-to-day proceedings.

The suspect’s counsel had said it was a case of an ordinary nature and there was no urgency to conduct trial every day.

Earlier Khadija had said, “They are filing this petition only to delay the outcome of the case, as there will be Eid break at the end of June and then the court holidays in August, but I hope that the court will not listen to them.”