Islamabad - Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have advised the motorists to exhibit patience and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents in the Holy month of Ramazan, especially during Iftar and Sehr timings.

Talking to APP, Senior Superintendent of Police Malik Matloob Ahmed said, unfortunately some motorists are seemed in hurry to reach their respective destinations as the Iftar time gets close, setting aside all traffic rules and putting others’ lives at risk.

Giving details about road accidents he said within 10 days of Ramazan 5 people died, six injured in different accidents, similarly peak accident timings are between 8-am to 10-am and 12-AM to 2-PM while Saturday, Sunday are most dangerous days, pre-Iftar rush hour is also a problematic time, he added.

To a question, Malik said an additional deployment of 386 ITP personnel had been made at busy roads, markets and mosques to ensure smooth flow of traffic in Ramazan. SSP Traffic said the Holy month teaches faithful to be patient and kind to others, and stressed upon the motorists to take care of other road-users and pedestrians by religiously following traffic rules and giving way to pedestrians.

He said in order to aware public awareness and road safety Ramazan Special transmission is also being broadcasting through ITP Fm 92.4,to educate road users ITP education teams have been visiting school, college, Universities and other institutions as well. The SSP said it was a regular feature of ITP to launch awareness campaign to educate people on traffic laws so that a culture of good driving among motorists could be promoted.

In order to adopt preventive measures, he said it was important for drivers to abide by traffic laws and regulations, fasten seat-belts and avoid over-speeding and mobile phone use for safe journey.

He said traffic police personnel were performing their duties in scorching heat with fasting just to ensure safety of road-users.