LAHORE- EID is going to be celebrated in less than three weeks and women are going crazy over buying new clothes for the festive occasion. Plenty of brands are selling their Eid jodas at a very high price. Some Pakistani women despite of how high the price is , or how repetitive the design may  be is joining this bandwagon. There is always a race going on between females to look elegantly classy yet appealing beautiful. Highlighting the fact that none of us wants to wear the same matching designs and embroidered prints, lawn fever is rising with heaps and bounds.  Summer season usually stays for long in Pakistan and generally six to seven months of a year are moderately hot. East Breakout being a new entrant in the business and a sister company of the highly recognized brand Breakout, is facilitating its customers by providing premium quality fabric with transfusion of organza, cotton net, lawn and chiffon; elegantly intermixed with unique and vibrant summery colors this Eid.

The detailed work of tilla, fancy embroidery and appealing block printed shirts laced with embellishment, studs and fancy buttons will give an eccentric look to your Eid outfit. Chiffon and organza sleeves with matching trousers engraved with perfect embroidery are a recommended selection for Eid this year. The touch of innovative hues and versatile hemming patterns adds a new eastern touch in the clothes. East Breakout is offering all the tillas, embroidery, block printing and fancy laces that you can desire this Eid. The brand offers a large variety of designs and pattern to flaunt this summer with matching silhouette draped beautifully to highlight your eastern attire. Different volumes of lawns are spreading like fire these days and to stay in the competition the brand is working day and night to come up with appealing deigns and fine cotton fabrics in both stitched and unstitched category.