Cancerous ailments are killing diseases and unfortunately these are rapidly increasing in different parts of the country. Though cancer treatment facilities are also being increased but somehow these are not adequate enough to squarely cope with fast spreading killing disease. It is also a bitter fact that all those suffering cancerous ailments do not have enough financial resources for treatment.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has quite rightly urged the private corporate sector to utilize their funds under corporate social responsibility for establishing more and more free treatment facilities for cancer patients as over the country as the existing infrastructure is quite insufficient to cope with the rapidly increasing killing disease.

According to the reports in the media, PM Abbasi said this while addressing a fund raising function of Cancer Care Hospital held in Karachi the other day. He announced a donation of Rs 100 million for the new facility which is being established for providing free treatment to the patients.

PM Abbasi mentioned it painfully that as high as 75 per cent of cancer patients in the country die without getting any treatment, such medical facility is much needed in the country as the cancer is fast spreading but the treatment facilities comparatively are minimal and lauded the idea of Dr Shehryar for establishing a free cancer care hospital where no patient will be refused treatment, it is obligatory for every citizen to extend every possible assistance to make the a project costing Rs two billion a success at the earliest possible, running of the hospital will be a challenge more than its establishment.

Construction of the hospital is not very high for the corporate sector but its running efficiently and providing free treatment to increasing number of patients will certainly be a great challenge which hopefully will be coped by a dedicated and committed team of medical experts.


Lahore, May 21.