This seems to be very persistent now to see riots broken on social media across the country and also have attention worldwide with slogan of so called “Cheap publicity “ for miserable senseless acts and after such hype the matter remain in the same state.  

Extreme irony is no laws are actually implemented for cause. In going era, the more wicked, vulgar, cheap you are the more publicity you get. The level of people’s aesthetic sense and comedy are below the belt and sort of cheap standards now a days. Recently sacred month of Ramazan has started with its full holy sprit. The month has extreme power to captivate attention of Muslim’s to wash out all the sin’s and to do good deeds for the part of virtue.  

Allah has promised to showers all His blessings during the month. In this regard, every Muslim should be busy to seek mercy from Allah SWT but this social network and fast running digital world has ruined all the spirituality of the month and snatches the quest of seeking blessings. This approach of youngsters to get indulge in media not only disrupt them to seek mercy from God, but also negatively affect there sensibility to differentiate between sin and piety.  

The system is seems to be completely destructive beyond repair. We are witness of those so called ramzan transmissions and lottery shows which are actually money making activities and mockery with this sacred month since last few years has been finally banned by IHC verdict. But another poignant trend of saying naat’s and hamd’s in modern songs karoke has become weird gimcrackery and completly frontal attack on religion. The recent famous Punjabi dance song “laung laachi” has been miserably converted to Naat, another most vulgar Indian dance song “Jaleebi bai” also have same features relating with ramzan. Another naat also faced the ridicule to be tuned with old famous wedding song “Tery ghar aya main aya tujhko leny” karoke.  

Nauzbillah ‘Roza rakho g’ kid is breaking the records and have become latest internet sensation on his crap. Holy shit!!! To say something to praise God and Prophet is completely permissible there are thousand other ways to praise but yet people choose the worse possible way to get cheap publicity and this non sense is completely unacceptable how come it is possible to forget those dance and lyrics of a song by rephrasing it.  

This is ultimate disgrace and the irony is neither PEMRA nor PTA will act on such a vast issue of such funny production of worst form of Islam they spread and meanwhile people are tagging each other on those memes without giving a bit of second thought as everything is fun for us now days we are so much into this crap that we don’t even bother to think that its related to our religion or something sacred. I request concerned authorities to take deliberate attention on this matter and ban these kind of insane attention seekers. 


Abbottabad, May 21.