LAHORE : Jamaat-i-Islami deputy chief Liaqat Baloch has said the federal government and provinces are not implementing the 18th constitutional amendment in letter and spirit due to which problems of the masses are multiplying. In a statement here on Sunday, he said that the federal government was denying the provinces their rights under the 18th amendment while the provinces were not granting the local bodies their due powers and funds. As a result, the problems of the people at provincial and local bodies’ level were not being solved. He said that price hike and unemployment coupled with the record fall of the rupee had reduced the purchasing power of the general public to zero. Liaqat Baloch said that while the official Economic Survey was to be released within a day, the public economic survey showed that the stock market had collapsed and the interest rate and the quantum of loans of the country had multiplied. All these factors proved that the Imran Khan government was incompetent and had failed.