Whenever we hear the word Kashmir, we directly start visualizing about beautiful valleys, mountains, snowfall, flowing water, greenery and extraordinary culture and tradition of Kashmir but painfully, this earthy Heaven has been not less than hell for about seven decades. In Indian-Held Kashmir (IHK), the genocide of Kashmiris continue and appears to have no stopping soon. The atrocity in shape of human rights abuses, torture, rape, extrajudicial killings is so fierce that it has become a nightmare state and almost every individual home is not so far from the target of Indian troops in Kashmir. Moreover, yesterday two other teenagers fell victim of straight fire of Indian armed forces.

At last, as human beings, let us all be together and raise the voice on behalf of Kashmiri victims of Indian brutality. The international community should look upon the serious matter and take a solid step to teach India a lesson forthwith.


Karachi, June 4.