KAMALIA/NOORPUR THAL-People are suffering due to incompetence of the PTI government, said PML-N leader Ch Asadur Rehman.

Speaking to media, he said: “Only Imran Khan has the credit to create the biggest economic crisis in the history of Pakistan.” He said that petrol was getting cheaper worldwide, but it was getting more expensive in Pakistan. “The government has failed to deliver. Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan has reached the brink of economic collapse,” he said, adding “Due to poor policies of the non-elected IMF advisers, we have a countrywide storm of inflation. But all that government ministers and advisers can do is cry and blame the former governments to avert public attention from their incompetence.”

He said that the country was being run by the IMF employees and retired bureaucrats. He added that the PTI should leave the government voluntarily, instead of causing more harm to the national economy.

Meanwhile, Kamalia Saddr police arrested Nisar Ahmed near Chak 731 G/B during a routine patrol and recovered 380g of hashish from his possession. In another incident, Ghulam Mustafa was arrested near Ravi Bridge Kamalia with 560g of hashish. The police filed separate cases against them.


Khushab Deputy Commissioner (DC) Arshed Manzoor Buzdar visited Adhi Kot where he held a meeting with PTI leaders to address public problems.

Speaking to the participants, the DC the district administration was utilising all available resources to spend the public money on public welfare. He said that public problems would be solved at all costs. “Solution to public problems is my first and foremost priority, and my doors are always open for public,” he added. He said that new Pakistan was the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was aware of the problems of people living in far-flung areas and wanted their access to all facilities.

PTI leaders apprised the DC of their problems. The DC said it was his priority to bring about revolutionary changes in the living standards of the people of Noorpur Thal.

PTI leaders namely Malik Gul Adghar Khan Baghoor, Advocate Malik Shahid Iqbal Baghoor, Dr Malik Haji Fateh Khan Baghoor, Malik Gul Dad Baghoor and others attended the meeting.