It has been observed since decades; hardly any authority has thought to bring reforms in District Police Head Quarters Larkana. It has remained the victim of ignorance of authorities who own it, and are totally unaware of sufferings, faced by the police force that live there and are settled with their families from their forefathers. If extra facilities may not be discussed, in this case, the police are deprived of basic needs.

They don’t have proper electricity system; it is completely annihilated and is provided in a poor manner due to the claim of faulty transformers which is a totally baseless claim.

Further, cleanliness of streets is uncountable; there is no proper dustbin system or responsible sweeping system. Smelly environment and rubbish everywhere have given the HeadQuarter a shape of any village side. Furthermore, according to the original map of the HeadQuarter, the streets are wide and houses seem ventilated, unfortunately, that map has been changed now completely; streets have become very narrow due to illegal possession by residential people, even there is no space left. Unsustainable planning of making roads and the drainage system has destroyed the shape of living quarters; quarters are three to four feet down as compared to street roads. Besides that, family parks, playing areas and sitting places have become insecure and a mound of rubbish. These things are the biggest hurdle in the survival of Police personals that live there.

If they will not be given facilities, clean and peaceful environment how will they work properly? Until their progeny will not get proper nourishment, police personals will be demotivated by looking at the limited salary and disturbance in their families, due to ignorance of their authorities. So, therefore, it is requested to the higher authorities, it is their responsibility to look after the Police Head Quarter Larkana and try to make it like other HeadQuarters of Sindh, and provide your police with facilities and take care of their families when they are on services of our beloved country Pakistan.


Larkana, June 3.