In March 2017, US president Donald Trump issued an executive order to put “extreme vetting” into place for visa seekers and immigrants. In accordance with the order, now all `applicants of US visas, estimated at 1.47 crore, will have to provide information on their use of social media under the new rules adopted to enhance vetting of foreign nationals and to screen out terrorists and other dangerous individuals seeking entry into America’. Even temporary visitors will be required to list

their social media identifiers (user names, e-mail addresses, websites visited, and social posts) in a drop-down menu. According to the State Department, “This is a critical step forward in establishing enhanced vetting of foreign nationals seeking entry into the United States”. Besides, visa seekers will have to provide more extensive information on their travel history. If a visa applicant lies about social media use, he could face “serious immigration consequences”.


Rawalpindi, June 3.